The Bath is a place for Rebirth.

Revered since the beginning of time, it is a spiritual ceremony that allows us to reconnect and find balance within ourselves. 

Symbolizing the duality of masculine and feminine energy we all carry within, The Huntress New York Bath Ritual Collection invites you into the home of Apollo and Artemis. With mindfully crafted ingredients, The Huntress New York Bath Ritual honors sun and moon, encouraging us to find inner balance and peace of mind. 

Step into the Bath Ritual and dive deep into a state of renewed serenity.

The Soothing Ritual
The Artemis Collection
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The Awakening Ritual
The Apollo Collection
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the huntress movement
"Bringing beautiful things with real meaning
and connection to your surroundings.
It will change how you live your life.”

Jenny Wolf
The Huntress Founder


Jenny Wolf

Renowned designer. Drawing inspiration from her Southern roots, travels and the vibrant city around her, Jenny works to weave personalities with possessions, creating individualized interiors that suit her client’s personal style and desired aesthetic. 

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