We welcome you to create a home
full of curiosities, meaning,
transformation and connection.

The Huntressny

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Home Is You

Home is where you live but also you. We believe creating a beautiful home begins from the echoes within. Home is not only reflective of how you live, but also how you feel when you are connected to yourself. That connection is your true home. The magic ingredient is You.



Achieving Wellness Through Beauty

You are constantly on the hunt to become closer to who you truly are. We are here to remind you to point your arrow wherever your compass guides you, no matter where you are on The Journey.

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The Bath: A Ritual

The Bath is a watery portal we use to cleanse ourselves of the energies absorbed throughout the day. We practice The Bath ritual nightly and provide a variety self-nurture products and sacred objects to enhance the inner experience. Submerge and surrender to The Journey home to yourself.

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Curiosities You love

We have a passion for The Hunt. We traverse the world to return with the curiosities that you adore.

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The Gallery

We curate art that evokes emotion and portrays intimate truths. Sourced from talents locally and abroad, we believe art has the power to transform a space, your physical space and the space within. Our offerings include different mediums from nostalgic photography and traditional oil portraits to abstracts and sculpture.

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Fill your surroundings with decor that reinforces intentional living. Through beauty, purpose and inspiration. And remember, whatever you choose, chose you too. Follow your arrow.