THE HUNTRESS Artwork 39" x 50" / Unframed The Piano Photograph By Artist, Dale Goffigon
THE HUNTRESS Artwork 39" x 50" / Unframed The Piano Photograph By Artist, Dale Goffigon

The Piano | Photograph, 39" x 50"

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Art has the power to transform a space. We love inviting works from our community of artists into homes around the world. We curate a unique collection of artistic expressions to tell stories that help create a more beautiful and authentic world. The Heron was the result of a "note under the door." It was photographed in a Georgian townhouse on Henrietta Street in Dublin. The artist had heard it was a very authentic Georgian home and left a note under the door to gain permission to shoot the space. To her surprise, the owner came straight away to find her where she was staying and invited her to come the very next morning. She was able to work in the magical space for hours and produced this and other incredible pieces. Printed on archival pigment paper. Unframed.

Print: Dale works with a master printer producing archival pigment prints on Canson Photographique papers that are akin to "old school" photographic papers. This craftsmanship contributes to the powerful effect each scene brings to a space. Feels as though you can step into the scene itself and transport to the moment captured by the eye of artist.



39" x 50"

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