Cire Trudon Candles Napoleon Bust Candle
Cire Trudon Candles Napoleon Bust Candle
Cire Trudon Candles Napoleon Bust Candle
Cire Trudon Candles Napoleon Bust Candle
Cire Trudon Candles Napoleon Bust Candle

Napoleon Bust Candle

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Cire Trudon Napoleon Bust Candle

Made in France by Cire Trudon, one of the oldest candle and home fragrance companies in the world. The Trudon family began by manufacturing for French royalty, which is why their collaboration with the Réunion des Musées Nationaux, introducing the busts of characters and symbols from French History, is such a meaningful honor.

Set the mood for magic. Lighting candles shifts the energy of your space. Use the glow of the flame and the variety of intoxicating scents to enhance your setting. It's always the finishing touches, incorporating sensibilities and rituals from the past, that provide us with the most inspiration. This candle wax bust of Napoleon, France's famed leader and icon, has been crafted with care by Cire Trudon’s master candlemakers.

About: Cire Trudon luxury scented candle. A Trudon classic, the Classic Candle fits all occasions; perfumes each and every room. Available in all scents, it is the most iconic. They are manufactured at the Trudon workshop in Normandy, France, using unrivaled know-how inherited from master candle makers.

Details: Signature Classic dark glass vessel  

Handmade in Normandy 

Gold signature label.          

100% Cotton candle wick.     

Hand mixed perfume & molten wax.    

Customized, signature Trudon protective box 

60 hour burning time    

Dimension: 8.7" X 4.5" 

Weight: 1lb 11.4oz

Material: Hand Blown Glass, Hand-mixed perfume & molten wax, 100% Cotton candle wick

Country Of Origin: France

Care Guide: Avoid environments with extreme changes of temperature, humidity or sun exposure. 

8.7" X 4.5"

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