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Copal Incense Bundle

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A wonderfully relaxing ritual. Burn the aromatic, healing smoke of copal resin to reset and reflect. The intoxicating aroma is similar to palo santo’s bright, sweet, piney, lemony, woodsy scent with added notes of frankincense and sage.

Use the elements from our Well Being collection to set the tone for your cozy sanctuary space and self-care routine. These rituals are meant to enhance energy flow, inviting more opportunities for style and inspiration into your home and lifestyle.


Burning copal will help prepare your energy and mind for meditation and allow you to more easily connect.

First you start with a simple intention of focusing on clearing the negative energy out of your space and mind.

Once you have your intention in mind, light the copal and allow it to burn for 30 seconds and then blow it out.

Place it an incense burner over a plate to catch the ash.

If left to rest the stick will smoulder and release smoke for approximately 5 mins.


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