Available June 9th


Jenny Wolf, founder of The Huntress, says that the moment she saw the second story of our flagship store in Pound Ridge, she was inspired to have an artist in residence to transform it into a gallery. Today, we are excited to introduce to you the first series of openings. Our goal is to assist you in creating an inspired and meaningful home.  

Our first artist in residence, Cooper Cox, creates pieces that are unparalleled in their deeply layered significance and meaning. He has created 30 one-of-a-kind works that compel the audience to look still deeper, which will be exhibited in June. 

To the naked eye, his works appear to be a compelling portrayal of each full moon of the year. But these works of art, like their natural counterparts, transcend beyond what is immediately apparent.

The artist begins each painting with the same ritual: he meditates on a person or a time in his life while preparing the canvas. He accepts and appreciates the teachings that the individual has imparted, and  releases them with gratitude. Then, the work of creating the mystical full moon begins; intentionally layered (as life is) in vibrant textures & colors expressing time, and even imparted with crystals significant to the energy of the season. The moons are, in truth, portraits of individuals from his life, the paint serving as a barrier between his ideas, thoughts, and energy. He creates them in pairs;  first a self-portrait, the other his perception of how the other might have felt the experience. Each painting, a ritual that creates a highly transformational experience for him, which he hopes transcends to the audience. The visuals form a language of remembrance. "The result," he says, "is a definitive memory now sealed in time.”


June 9th, 2022

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Flagship Store
259 Westchester Ave.
Pound Ridge, NY 10576