Spotlight On Odacité: Valèrie Grandury's mission for pure & effective skincare that gives back to Mother Earth - The Huntress New York

Spotlight On Odacité: Valèrie Grandury's mission for pure & effective skincare that gives back to Mother Earth

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At The Huntress, we’re overly intentional when it comes to the products we put on our skin. Where the ingredients come from, how the product is packaged, and the story behind the brand are key factors in our decision to welcome new products. Odacité checks all these boxes for us and more.

We first discovered Odacité's 552M shampoo bar on Instagram, a rich and restorative coconut based shampoo that is luxurious, beautiful and free of toxins and plastic waste. We quickly came to learn that this combination of efficacy, luxury and beauty could be found throughout the entire line of Odacité products. They now are a staple on our shelves at The Huntress and in our very own beauty cabinets.

At the helm of Odacité is the brand’s founder, Valèrie Grandury. Valèrie was born in France and now lives within the magical canyons of Topanga, California -a place that is a source of constant inspiration for Odacité. It was never Valèrie’s plan to start a skincare line, but when the universe brought her a cancer diagnosis, Valèrie embarked on a healing journey that included a powerful decision to remove toxins from her life, beginning with her skincare. Unable to find natural products that were as effective as the beloved French creams and serums she’d used all her life, Valèrie embarked upon a journey to create them herself. The original batches were created in the comfort of her own kitchen. When clients and friends began asking her for the secret to her healthy glowing skin, Valèrie knew her healing mission was larger than herself.

Here, we speak with Odacité’s founder, Valèrie Grandury about the mission and purpose behind the brand, the places in nature that inspire her, and her conviction to share her healing with the world.

The words we live by at The Huntress are “Follow Your Arrow.” Your decision to quit your job, focus on nutrition and create Odacite is certainly in line with our mantra. Can you tell us a little more about this journey?
After being diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing chemo, I decided to sign up for a thorough detox program and raw food retreat in San Diego. The experience not only changed my diet, it changed my life. This healing journey inspired me to quit my job in commercial production and "follow my arrow" to Topanga. I adopted a raw vegan diet, started yoga and meditation, and went back to school to become a health and wellness coach. I made a promise to never expose my body to toxins, starting with what I was using on my skin. When I couldn't find toxin-free skin care that was also results driven, I decided to make it in my kitchen. My coaching clients immediately noticed the difference and asked what I was using on my skin so I started creating formulas for them and Odacité was born.
Tell us about the name, Odacité. 
When I was struggling to find skincare products that married purity and efficacy, a friend told me, "You just need the Audacity to redefine skin care."  The "Au" became an O as a symbol of our organic ingredients and the shape of Mother Earth, with an accent over the é as a nod to my French heritage. 
What daily rituals or acts of self care help you tap into your inner Huntress?
Healing from cancer makes me wake up every morning with the extraordinary feeling of being given a second chance at life. It's the kind of feeling that fills your day with gratitude, even when life is not perfect. This gratitude pushes me to make every day count and to put meaning into my life... pure inner Huntress energy!
Yoga At The Center
Topanga, CA the birthplace and inspiration behind Odacité seems to have a major impact on you and the company. Can you share more about what makes this place so special to you?
Topanga is so dear to my heart and I owe a lot to the extraordinary healing energy of this canyon. I discovered Topanga when I was looking for a new place to call home, far away from LA pollution, yet close to its center. This is where I found the energy to reinvent everything, reconnect with nature and create Odacité.
Tucked under a gigantic oak tree, my house opens out to a deck where we spend most of our time. When I'm not on my deck, you can find me with my dogs exploring the mountains and wild foraging plants.
Under The Protection
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Above The Pacific
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What is a favorite scent or ingredient you come back to again and again when creating your products?
There are so many ingredients that go into the formulations and I love all of them with full passion.When it comes to scent, Jasmine is my "Madeleine de Proust," a scent that connects Topanga to my childhood memories in the south of France.
Jasmine is the flower of happiness, love and spiritual longing, and always takes my soul to a place of bliss, which inspired the creation of Jasmine Whisper Body Oil.Rose water, when truly natural, makes anyone feel like a goddess. It cocoons the skin and mind in total heaven, just like Bioactive Rose Gommage.
And Vitamin C, whether naturally occurring or clinical grade, is one ingredient I can't live without. Vitamin C is my anti-aging master and a powerful glow activator that supports a fresh and healthy skin appearance. 15% clinical-grade, stabilized Vitamin C makes An Autumn On The World one of my absolute go-tos for anti-aging.
Can you share 3 recent shots from your camera roll that you took (or screen shot) just for inspiration? Tell us a bit about each and what inspired you.
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In your opinion, what makes a house a home? Can you share a photo of a favorite space in your home?
The memories that you create in a house truly make it a home. My favorite space is definitely the deck and the view around it. This is where I spend most of my time. Whether alone doing yoga, just sitting in contemplation or sharing food and wine with friends and family.
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What Odacité products are you using most right now?
My body smiles in Jasmine Whisper Body Oil ;-)
My face craves Crème de la Nuit. This is a crème we reformulated 22 times to get visible results overnight, which was proven in clinical studies. It is a super high-performing night cream and I also wear it during the day.
For my hair, 552M Soap Free Shampoo Bar. This has restored my hair like no other shampoo and makes me feel so good to help reduce plastic pollution by using a shampoo without a plastic bottle.
What is your number-one skincare tip?
Always carve out five minutes each morning and night to take care of your skin! These five minutes are a space of well deserved self-love and self-care in a very busy and often stressful life.
Let us know...what would be on your wishlist from The Huntress?
I'm a huge fan of hats. I LOVE your Biuriful Hat in Tan.

We thank Valèrie for taking the time to sit down with us and share Odacité’s story. We hope you’ll all enjoy Odacité’s story and products as much as we do.
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