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Getting to Know Our Resident Energy Healer

Getting to Know Our Resident

If you’re familiar with The Huntress, you’ll know that creating high vibrational, magnetic energy is at the root of everything we do. From the music we play, to the curated selection of the pieces we carry in our shop, to the way we begin each day with intention. Our goal for The Huntress has always been to create a community of likeminded individuals. Those who are passionate about design and fashion and are deeply curious about their wellbeing, manifestation and spiritual awareness. That is why when Reiki Master Practitioner, healer and born intuitive, Kristin Raniola approached us about opening her practice in The Huntress Upstairs, we knew the stars had aligned.

Reiki is a healing therapy based on the simple principle that we’re all guided by the same invisible life force, and this life force controls our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. When the energy flows freely, we can tap into unknown reserves of power and manifest our desires. When our energy is blocked (often caused by negative thoughts, unhealed trauma, or stress), we don’t function at our highest potential.

The foundation of Kristin’s practice is the firm belief that we all have the ability to access our higher power for balance, healing and living our best life. Relinquishing the myth that this is a mystical luxury reserved for healers. Her greatest goal is to clear any blocks you may already have, and to help you develop the tools you need to move forward. As an intuitive, she frequently receives messages from her Spirit Guides, and even the loved ones of patients during a healing. She considers this partnership an invaluable source for getting to the root cause of a client's emotional or physical struggles.

Our interview with Kristin for The Journey is an introspective look into her life and her practice. We look forward to many conversations with Kristin in the future. She is a wealth of information on topics such as the power of crystals, creating rituals, following your intuition and much more. Stay tuned!

Can you tell us about your journey to becoming a healer?
I have been intuitive since I was a child, but didn't necessarily understand what it was — or that it wasn't "the norm." I picked up on the idea that nobody else was "talking to their angels" on a regular basis when I was very young and just didn't share it...with anybody. So, while my family and friends always knew I loved Angels (a figurine was a common "go-to" present for me), nobody understood the true extent of it.
As is the case for many healers, I experienced several "dark nights of the soul," on my path to where I am today. These included crippling anxiety and depression in my 20's that led to a bit of a disastrous spiral. Of course, this is exactly what forced me to take a deep dive into my intuition, my energy, and my spirituality. I didn't understand that the overwhelming emotions that would come on suddenly were not my own until I discovered healers and teachers that explained exactly what I was experiencing, and taught me how to harness it all in a productive way.
Now, I use the skills I was born with — alongside the skills I have learned from other healing masters to help my clients achieve their best lives. It is my firm belief that joy is our birthright in this lifetime. I LOVE empowering others to live their best lives, and watching them succeed!

Our mantra at The Huntress is Follow Your Arrow. What advice do you give your patience about following their arrow and being true to themselves?
One of the reasons I knew working under the same roof as The Huntress was the right choice for me was because of the energy and soul it houses. Following our arrow, listening to our hearts, and being true to ourselves isn't just a should be a lifestyle. My goal in every healing is to help someone come into alignment with their own divine guidance system...we ALL have it! We ALL know what makes our heart sing. So often we resist our internal guidance, relying instead on the expectations of our families, friends or societal "norms." My promise to everyone, is that following our hearts will ALWAYS lead us to the right place, and that it is safe to trust matter what anyone else might say or think. The only person we should check in with before doing ourselves. Everything we ever need to know, is inside.
daily rituals
What daily rituals or acts of self care help you tap in to your inner huntress?
I have rituals for my office, and for my home when it comes to self care. At work, I religiously sage every day (and between healings) to ensure any stagnant energy is cleared. I do a grounding ritual on myself prior to every healing, and wear specific crystals on my body for protection during every healing. At the beginning of each healing I say a gratitude prayer and ask for assistance as I help each client heal in a way that serves their highest good. I get to work with Angels every cool is that?!
In general, I unapologetically put my own self-care FIRST. I understand that unless I am truly thriving, I can't serve others. After a full day of sessions, I take a full epsom salt bath and consciously release any energy chords that are not my own, or no longer serve my highest good. On a very busy day I'll take one in the morning, and in the evening. I will often use energy healing on myself during these baths. I make sure I hydrate constantly, get all of my essential vitamins (as energy healers tend to use theirs in the course of their work), and I exercise daily and REST when I need to.
MOST importantly...if I am depleted, I STOP and pay attention to my body or emotions — immediately. I ask myself what I need...and I take care of myself the same way I would my child. If that means canceling an entire day of appointments to rest — that's what I do. Because I know those clients would NOT be getting the service they come to me for - and that I would be hurting myself in the process trying.

Can you tell us 3 quotes or affirmations you come back to again and again for healing?
"Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person die." -Buddha
(Reminds me to process anger and then shift to compassion/forgiveness/healing)
"You cannot worry about someone, and love them at the same time." -Abraham Hick
(Reminds me to release my worry and shift to positive expectation).
"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." -Albert Einstein
(Reminds me to shift from dwelling on the problem/complaining to putting all my energy into gratitude/the solution!)

Can you tell us about a moment in your life that stopped you in your tracks and made you see/believe in magic/the power of the universe?
Yes! This story is one of my favorites, and was the moment I realized how absolutely true all my studies in relation to energy and manifesting were. (It is one thing to hear about it, another to witness it firsthand).
It was almost 20 years ago and I was living by myself in NYC — but that wasn't planned. I had just undergone a very sad breakup. In fact, my fiancé had broken off our engagement the very next day after a lavish engagement party my parents had thrown. To boot, I had left my job and an apartment in CT to move in with him — and now found myself jobless, homeless — and of course, heartbroken. Feeling very defeated, I turned to a few self-help books as I licked my wounds. I came across several that re-inspired my understanding of the universe and our ability to use our energy to create the life we'd like. I figured I had nothing to I decided then and there that I was going suspend any doubt I had, and manifest my OWN life in NYC. After all, I had plenty of friends there and couldn't imagine moving back to CT after falling in love with my life in the city. The problem is, I had no job - and no credit - and the NY rental market was very competitive (especially for someone with zero salary!)
In one month's time I was gainfully employed at double the salary I was making at my previous job (which had to happen to afford living in NYC) but that wasn't even what stopped me in my tracks. It was the apartment search. I had no place thinking I could afford (or get) a luxury apartment, but I decided I would go for the gold. (After all, the teachings I read said I didn't have to use what others consider "reality" for creating my dream.) There were several that I fell in love with, and lost because I was either outbid or shot down for my credit. But in following these teachings, I did not allow that to trigger upset or rejection - rather excitement that the Universe had something even BETTER in store. When I first walked into the building at 10 Hanover Square, it took my breath away - and when they showed me the apartment, I knew it was the one. Alas...I was declined due to credit. In fact, it was SO bad, they said they wouldn't even accept my application WITH a guarantor who had PERFECT credit.
Most would have certainly called me delusional when I hung up on that call and thought to myself, "this is an interesting path to this apartment! I'm going to relish moving in all the more!" A couple weeks passed by, and I was casually looking on rental-ads online when I came across one that sparked my attention. The subject read: "TAKE OVER MY LEASE." It seemed to have the same amenities and general area as the apartment I loved, so I responded. The poster agreed to meet me the next day at the apartment.
It was THE apartment!
You can only imagine the smile on my face when he texted me the building number. He went on to say that he had gotten news from his job that they were moving him to NJ just after signing the lease, and the leasing office had agreed to allow someone to take over his signed lease as long as the person had sufficient income. I had that! You can only imagine the look on the leasing office's face when they saw us walk in together. "You realize she has no credit?" they implored to him. "I don't care, she can use my security deposit if you want extra," was his response. I was handed the key, and moved in a few weeks later.
This was a PERFECT example of how, if you hold a steady vision in your energy about where you'd like to be - the universe will conspire to fulfill it for you in ways you couldn't possibly comprehend ahead of time. So don't try — just trust!

Can you share three photos from your camera roll that you screenshot/photographed just for inspiration or tell us, what inspires you right now?
camera roll triptych
Here are two quotes that I recently saved to look back on, and a picture of my kiddos that inspires me every day to live in the joy and love that comes so natural to them. I love the joy they find in each other and how my daughter is looking up to her big brother, and he is leaning down to hear her.

Can you tell us what a first session with you looks like?
The first session usually takes 1.5- 2 hours. I feel it's important to not feel rushed during an energy read. Oftentimes when the person initially enters they are carrying energy from an interaction or activity/place experienced earlier in their day. So it takes a few minutes for things to settle so I can really tune in.
I begin with an intake discussion. I start with a few standard questions, and at some point Spirit begins to chime in and guide further questions. I begin sensing where depletions are almost immediately and start the energy work as we are speaking. This chat sometimes takes 30 mins or more, and then it's time for the client to lie down on the table for the full healing.
Patients report everything from warmth, tingling, pressure, emotional bliss, and even visits from deceased loved ones during a treatment. A healing can be incredibly emotional if there is trauma to be released. Some feel meditative and even fall asleep, others chat with me about what they are feeling. If there is an important message that will be helpful to their healing, Spirit chimes in and I let the client know. Although sometimes my Guides just chime in with a person, place or thing to show the client unmistakably, that I'm receiving messages on their behalf. (I think it's just their way of helping those on the cynical side!)
Post-treatment we discuss next steps and I email them later with a list of practices for their particular needs, that will help their energy keep moving in the right direction in-between treatments.
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