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From Ibiza with Love

Elizabeth Rose Langford

Elizabeth Rose Langford is an artist
we instantly fell in love with on the hunt.
After discovering some of her magnetic pieces
in Notting Hill, we tracked her to her Ibiza studio
and were able to procure more of her exclusive pieces for this fall.

The Process

Elizabeth uses all-natural materials like
dried avocado peels, oak gall ink, hematite and madder root.
Below, an image of her avocado peels drying in the Ibiza sun.

Elizabeth Rose Langford

Preview the Collection
Nothing Ever Is, Everything is Becoming

Escape beyond identifiable structure
into the abstract canvases by Elizabeth Rose Langford,
a collection blending perfectly into any vignette,
always lending style and dimension to the space.

Elizabeth Rose Langford

Reserve Your Limited Edition Piece
Contact us to reserve your piece
as incoming curation is limited and designed for you, Huntresses.
To inquire, please email
or click here to place your pre-order.

Elizabeth Rose Langford

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