Dale Goffigon Artwork Dale Goffigon Terrestrial Globe 38" x 50"
DALE GOFFIGAN Terrestial Globe

Terrestrial Globe | Photograph 38" x 50"

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Art has the power to transform a space. We love inviting works from our community of artists into homes around the world. We curate a unique collection of artistic expressions to tell stories that help create a more beautiful and authentic world.

Terrestrial Globe was photographed at the Biblioteca Casanatense (Casanatense Library) in Rome in February 2020.  (I was a visiting artist at the American Academy in Rome for 3 weeks that February and focused on photographing historic libraries and baroque interiors.)  The globe is by Silvestro Amanzio Monacelli and was drawn in pen and painted in 1716.  Cardinal Girolamo Casanatense bequeathed his library to the Dominicans of the convent of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva.  The library was inaugurated in 1701 and as one of the most important and well stocked libraries of its time.  Centuries ago, explorers would visit the library to consult the Monocelli globe before setting out on their journeys of discovery.

Photographed by artist, Dale Goffigon, an accomplished photographer whose works consist of gardens, historic architecture and interiors taken during her extensive travels.

Printed on archival pigment paper. Unframed.

38" x 50"

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