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Paige Novick Malachite Gold Necklace

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Wear this beautifully handcrafted piece layered with other necklaces or solo. Home is a feeling. Feel incredible in everything you wear, collecting special moments along the way. We provide exclusive fashion, accessories, and fine jewelry that we hope bring you as much joy as they do to us. Bring intention and meaning into your closet.

Please note: Some stones may come with inclusions and may vary in stone color and shape due to natural variation.

Paige Novick's sleek and sophisticated healing crystals are effective, but they're far from woo-woo! Paige Novick's aventurine pendant necklace is a heart healer that aligns with the Heart Chakra. As we learn more about the power of crystals, we encourage you to wear yours as a personal talisman. Each stone is distinct from the others. Our characteristic three diamonds have been put on the front to enhance and intensify the crystal's power. You can wear your gemstone at its corresponding chakra using different chain lengths.

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“Home” goes beyond physical Space. It is a feeling. When we create that home within ourselves and surround ourselves with what we love, our lives begin to transform. It is then that our world truly becomes one of abundance and limitless possibilities.

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