Cultivate Apothecary | MOONLIGHT No. 3 / Mature or Sensitive Skin

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MOONLIGHT No. 3: FOR MATURE or SENSITIVE SKIN, with added Pumpkin Seed Oil & Lady’s Mantle

MOONLIGHT Restorative Night Serum was created for and tested by women who share a desire to use healthy, safe, effective skincare products that they can trust. Through deeply considered formulation and testing, we’ve developed night serums targeted to specific skin types and skincare needs. These custom formulations were designed for optimal skin health, delivering deep hydration, even skin tone, and bright, plump, glowing skin that gets noticed.

At the foundation of each of our formulations is our Estate Blend, consisting of select varietals of farm-grown, organic calendula, comfrey leaf, chamomile and lemon balm: Four powerhouse, nutrient-dense, whole-plant botanicals that we cultivate, slow-infuse, and carefully blend with additional carrier oils, extracts and essential oils to holistically care for your skin without synthetics or chemicals. We grow some of nature’s most dynamic skin-healers, all of which are powerful anti-inflammatories and antioxidants that protect your skin from early aging caused by free radicals, while creating supple, more elastic, firm and even skin tone.

Our formulations are inspired by a powerful teacher ~ Nature ~ and we create products that embrace the the life-enhancing, sustainable, and wholesome rituals of natural skincare.

We present each serum in a 50 ml. amber flint-glass apothecary bottle that contains 65% more volume than 30 ml. serums. More volume means less packaging waste, less environmental impact, and more product with each purchase. Each serum will last from 18–20 weeks.

★ ★ "My skin feels plump, soft, moistened and radiant. The scents are intoxicating and completely original and different than any other product I’ve ever tried. “ - Sarah R.

★ ★ “This has transformed my life in a way I never thought possible - I feel so much more BEAUTIFUL and BRAVE in my own skin. It's honestly the most incredible feeling.” - Kate D.

★ ★ The level of holistic integrity built into their skincare line is like no other. Organic Luxe at its best." - Amy B.

Cultivate Apothecary Beauty - Serum Cultivate Apothecary | MOONLIGHT No. 3 / Mature or Sensitive Skin