Les Indiennes Pillows Grey/White / 22" x 22" Elise French Grey Square Pillow Sham
Les Indiennes Pillows Grey/White / 22" x 22" Elise French Grey Square Pillow Sham
Les Indiennes Pillows Grey/White / 22" x 22" Elise French Grey Square Pillow Sham

Elise French Grey Square Pillow Sham

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Made by hand locally in Hudson, NY, Les Indiennes is one of The Huntress's favorite bedding collections. Made of naturally dyed, 100% organic cotton in airy single color motifs, each pattern offers its own serene aesthetic. This French Grey Botanical print can be layered with its own print or mixed with any complementary option. This square pillow sham has French Country detail with three side-ties which also make it easy to take on and off. Please note that due to the natural fibers and hand printing each piece has subtle variations in print and color. Down blend inserts are available to purchase separately.


Color: White with Madder Red Block Print

Material: Pure Organic Cotton

Care Instructions:

Newly printed fabrics require special care. The first few washings should be done by hand to avoid tinting the background fabric with the excess dye. Each wash releases dye into the water and one should avoid releasing too much dye at one time. Avoid wringing or spinning. Drip-dry is recommended. Then a hot steam iron may be used. After the fabric has been washed by hand several times, it can then be machine washed on a gentle cycle and tumble dried. Use cold water and a minimal amount of natural soap or detergent. Avoid detergents that contain enzymes, bleach, citric acid, or fabric softeners. Avoid detergents that are formulated for wool. Do not dry clean.

22" x 22"

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