Sel Magique | Black Truffle Salt

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Our prized Black Summer Truffles are grown in Italy. These fungi have a rich woodsy aroma with flavors of garlic and wild mushroom, with earthy hazelnut undertones. Cultivated only a few months each year, they grow amongst the buried roots of oak and hazelnut trees. Discovering the truffles requires a huntsperson’s tact and the aid of well-trained dogs to sniff out the buried treasure. We add these to a flavorful base of Sicilian sea salt and famed Fleur de Sel de Guérande for a truly luxurious flavor experience.

Contents: 2 oz pressed glass jar.
Your gift is beautifully boxed Classic Blend info card Two recipe cards, four recipes total Signature Star sticker Signature envelope with foil interior.
Sel Magique Food Sel Magique | Black Truffle Salt