Sefte x The Huntress | Artemis pillow

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From our limited edition collaboration with Sefte, celebrating the goddess that lies within each of us. Inspired by nature and created by hand using centuries-old techniques, Sefte’s artisans create softness and luxury, using 100% baby alpaca, that can not only be seen, but felt.

All products, including the collaboration with The Huntress are made 100% Handmade by artisans with honest, pure materials and are designed for ritual use.

The Artemis Collection represents “oneness”: the return to true self, sisterhood/community and empowerment. As we are all one. The hunt for self and the journey “home”.

Dimensions: 16" x 24" or 24" x 24"

Color: Cream.

Material: 100% Baby Alpaca.

Insert included.