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Los Poblanos favorites Bar Soap
Los Poblanos favorites Bar Soap
Los Poblanos favorites Bar Soap
Los Poblanos favorites Bar Soap

Bar Soap

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The Los Poblanos Handmade Soap Collection features unique scent combinations inspired by the land and culture of New Mexico. Each handmade, cold pressed soap has an all-natural, moisturizing base recipe, which has been developed and tested over the past ten years to provide a perfectly mild and nourishing experience. The four signature soaps highlight the many botanicals of the farm, and are handmade in their production facility just a few miles from their lavender fields.


BRAND: Los Poblanos

PRODUCT: Made with all-natural ingredients and essential oils

Lavender Honey Bar
Our signature Los Poblanos bar is gentle and effective, combining essential oil from organic lavender - grown and distilled right here on our farm - with honey from local beehives.
La Rosa Bar
A delicately fragranced bar soap inspired by the historic rose gardens of Los Poblanos.
Man Bar
A uniquely earthy scent that blends sage, cedarwood and vetiver essential oils.
Piñon Bar
Bring the scent of New Mexico’s mountains into your home and enjoy a gentle, woodsy scent.
Blue Corn Mint Bar
A unique exfoliating bar soap featuring New Mexican blue corn and refreshing lemongrass, rosemary, and spearmint essential oils.

ORIGIN: Proudly made in New Mexico

SIZE: Available in a 5 oz bar

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